Executive Coaching

For strong individual and organizational performance
Executive coaching is a customized, results-oriented process that increases a client’s leadership, interpersonal and career effectiveness.

360 Feedback:
We usually begin with a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s strengths and development needs. This is typically conducted through a 360-degree interview process, in which the client selects key stakeholders to provide relevant feedback on his/her performance. Interview findings are presented in a clear, concise report describing an individual’s strengths and areas for improvement. We also administer the Center for Creative Leadership’s and Korn Ferry Lominger International’s 360° assessment tools for clients interested in receiving quantitative, as well as qualitative feedback on leadership performance (see complete list of instruments in Jill Kanter’s bio).

Development Planning:
We support clients in leveraging 360 feedback to identify specific areas for development, with emphasis on practical application that directly addresses a client’s leadership and organizational challenges. The client is guided in creating a development plan with concrete, measurable goals that meet the organization’s criteria for success. We typically meet with the client and his/her manager for input and feedback on the development plan.

Coaching typically incorporates a series of one to one-and-a-half-hour sessions conducted bi-weekly over a period of six months—session frequency and duration of the coaching process are determined by a client’s unique developmental needs. Sessions often are supplemented by telephone and email communication.

Sessions focus on developing a client’s ability to assess and respond strategically to current challenges, while strengthening specific, identified skills. We carefully monitor client progress against development plan goals and check-in with a client’s manager and human resources partner, as appropriate, throughout the coaching process.

Closing and Next Steps:
We conclude engagements with a closing meeting with the client and his/her manager to assess the client’s progress and discuss plans for continued development.

Jill Kanter Associates’ Executive Coaching strengths:

  • Strong focus on the link between individual performance and organizational goals, emphasizing measurable results
  • Quick grasp of the unique business and professional issues facing executives
  • Powerful aid in gaining and applying key insights drawn from various forms of data and feedback
  • Quick establishment of a coaching environment and working alliance with clients that encourage openness to new perspectives
  • Effective guidance in understanding others’ points of view, inspiring breakthroughs in the quality of working relationships
  • Emphasis on using concrete examples of proven strategies and suggestions in support of the most efficient client learning and development

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